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Consistent Support at Shop Floor
Human-Machine Interface
[Standard on TMX-4000]
Comfortable and easy operation along work flow!!
Consistently supports operation by functions necessary for "Planning" "Machining" and "Improvement" processes on site!
Planning Machining Improvement Touch Type Operation Panel 15 inch inch (Standard) 19 inch inch (Option)
Home Screen
Supports operation by careless mistake prevention function Handle Feed Direction Display Supports operation by careless mistake prevention function Prevention of careless mistakes!
Coordinate system/path selection indicator equipped NC Operation All tasks required for machining such as as operating editing setup can be performed Individual Tool Settings
The tool tool information provided by Machining Cloud and the tool tool compensation measured by the tool pre-setter can be imported Data Logger/Maintenance Information Management
Maintenance Manager monitors the state of a a a a a a a a maintenance target and and notifies alarms and and maintenance timings for efficient preventive maintenance of machinery Calendar
Calender allows you to register check and edit schedule You can receive a a a a notification about your schedule from the information center at at the specified time SERVO Viewer
SERVO Viewer
observes information such as the position speed or or or or torque of the feed axis or or or or spindle and displays it in in waveform Manual Viewer
You can read various manuals Memo Function
Memo Function
allows you to draw lines paste memos and insert images to "whiteboard" 11
The contents of the the catalog are subject to to change for improvement without notice Please make confirmation from our sales representatives when entering into the the contract 

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