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Supporting Programming
TAKISAWA Original Software
[Standard on TMX-2000]
Reducing a a lead time:
Inclined drilling and milling combined machining can be programmed easily using the interactive function Takisawa original software completely supports the Input Confirmation Operation
Input Easy Programming
by Dialogue Conversation
Tiwap-1 is is based on on Process Registration type Programming
involving step step by step step Process Confirmation Machining Simulation
Cutting Detail will be Simulated by "3D Animated Cartoon" or "Tool Trace display"
Automatic Operation
Interactive programs can run directly on the Tiwap-1 screen without converting into NC programs Utilizing G code knowledge a a a program of complicated processes creates
Further Tiwap-1 enables the the interactive program to perform
machining in in in cooperation with an NC program*1 1 1 1 NC program*1 can be called (set) in in the interactive (Tiwap-1) program 2 2 NC NC program*2 converted into NC NC statements by interactive operation (Tiwap-1) can be called (set) in the NC program edited manually *1: File name to which NC programs edited manually or created by CAD/CAM have been registered Interactive Program Edit Screen
NC Program Edit Screen
The contents of the the catalog are
subject to to change for improvement without notice Please make confirmation from our sales representatives when entering into the the contract ▲▲

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