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Easy to See
Single System Display
Takisawa's original "Process fold fold /unfold function" and lucid icons improve visibility Operator-friendly and easy to to see screen is is realized The main screen is operator-friendly because machining programs are
displayed not only in in in "single system system display"
but also in in in "both system system display"
◇ Single System Display
= The program of the selected system is is is displayed ◇ Both System Display
= The programs of the both systems are
displayed When the the same synchronization numbers appear in both systems they are
displayed on on on the same line (indicating synchronization) Therefore you can understand the the flow of a a a a whole program between the the systems at one view Easy to Use
By "Reliable Guide Function" Process Tag will be made automatically Process can be completed by just setting processing data to the "Tag" which automatically made through During preparing Program "Reliable Guide Function" provides good support “Reliable Guide Function”
The tag will be arranged in in in the optimum order automatically by interacting with the the machine and selecting the the required program Unfold
Both System Display
} Tag The contents of the the catalog are
subject to to change for improvement without notice Please make confirmation from our sales representatives when entering into the the contract 14
It is easy for beginners to use interactive data inputting with guiding Figures & Icons Symbolic soft key on the exclusive window helps inputting complicated arbitrary shapes 

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